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Insurance Scores in the State of Texas

Unknown to most Texans, auto insurance companies have a scoring system that they utilize to determine your auto insurance rates. This shrouded in mystery system that they work with is called an insurance scoring system. In reality though, this is simply a cleverly disguised phrase for a credit report rating system. Shockingly enough, the state of Texas allows this system

Health Insurance Texas

Texas residents who have yet to buy health insurance can use this guide to help narrow down affordable options. Remember that price isn’t the only thing to pay attention to, however; many clients who purchase health insurance plans based exclusively on price find they later regret their decisions. In addition to price, it’s important to understand co-pays, deductibles, as well

Does Homeowners Insurance Texas Cover Drought?

Does my Texas homeowners insurance cover drought? That is a fair question to ask when you see all of the changing weather conditions in the Southwest. Here is an answer to this important question. In October 2010, Texas started to experience a severe lack of rainfall. Texas Climatologist John-Nielsen Gammon compared the 2011 rainfall of only 14.8 inches to record